Employee, Employer Withholding Tax Support Guides For 2019 - 2020

Tax Estimator Calculator

Getting all fired up for the new year is not always fun if you fear a big tax bill is looming in your future. If this fear is due to the lack of effort put forward in determining your tax liabilities, we have a simple to use solution for you! Our Free Tax Estimator Calculator can put all your guessing game anxieties to bed in just minutes.

With very little effort at all, and without the need for any personal identification information, you can calculate a fairly accurate estimate of your federal income tax liabilities for the tax year.

Your federal tax liabilities include three separate entities that are so helpful in lowering your take home pay. Yikes! They include:

  1. Federal Income Tax
  2. Social Security Tax
  3. Medicare Tax

Yup, they all want a piece of you! And they won't be very friendly if you don't have the cash set aside to pay them in full. In this case, Uncle Same wont be a friendly tax collector, penalties and interest charges will apply.

Federal Income Tax Estimator Calculator

With our free to use tax estimator tool you can calculate the amount of taxes due to each of the three taxing entities listed above, then add them together for your total IRS federal income tax bill.

Using The Tax Estimator Calculator For Better Tax Planning All Year Round.

Don't be shy with your tax liabilities. The fact is your income tax liabilities can change dramatically throughout the year. All it takes is general changes in your life to trigger recalculations in your taxes.

Did you get a new job? a raise? married? have a baby? make some investments? donate to a non-profit?

All these things and more can trigger dramatic changes in the amount of income tax you will be required to pay Uncle Sam.

Lets face it, the IRS loves to complicate our lives with a cumbersome over manipulative tax code that does little more than give great big tax breaks to the rich. And were all subjected to it.

Keeping up to date on your tax liabilities is nothing short of good quality tax planning. This allows you to make concessions throughout the year with the knowledge of what your income tax obligations will be. Know what your will owe, and be more productive at meeting those financial obligations.

Out tax estimator calculator is a simple tool to use but you will need a net income figure for accurate results. If you don't have that net figure, use the TurboTax or H&R Block tax calculator links above to figure in tax deductions, credits, and benefits for more accurate results.

With all the special interest our manipulative politicians support, it's more important than ever to finds every tax break possible.